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Arabesque focuses on human-centered robotics and helps companies build a successful future. With the support of robots, processes and information are digitized and automated.

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Robo-Trial. Easy start into robotics.

The easy way to get started with robots. Now companies can integrate robots into their daily routine in a pilot phase and gain important first experiences. The Robo-Trial removes the barriers to getting started with robotics as there are no commitments.

Benefits of the Robo-Trial:

  1. Process and resource optimization
  2. Improved customer & employee experience
  3. Engage employees, customers, and IT from the very beginning of the journey.
  4. Easy start.

Choose your length of trial: 4, 8 or 12 weeks

We advice and implement Robots & AI. We are with you all the way.


  • What are service robots?

There are two major categories of robots, industrial robots and service robots (definition of IFR, International Robotics Federation). Service robots have been deployed since the year 2000 and work closely with humans, providing a service for humans.

  • Which robots are we talking about?

Arabesque specializes in service robots. There are many different kinds of robots within the category of service robots – assistance robots, social robots, care robots, logistics robots, transportation robots, telepresence robots.

  • What work/processes can these robots perform?

The programmed robots can perform a wide range of tasks. These range from logistics, transportation, registration and accompanying people, passing on information of all kinds, carrying out work from nursing staff, logistics, activation of hotel guests, patients, nursing home residents and employees. The robots can also be used for marketing purposes.

  • Which industries are suitable for the deployment of these robots?

In principle, robots can be deployed in any industry. Arabesque is primarily active in the healthcare, hospitality, retail and workplace sectors.

  • How can we digitize with the help of service robots?

By optimizing and automating processes. Artificial intelligence can also be used. By optimizing processes and resources, reducing costs, and providing data analytics. Service robots as well improve the customer and employee experience (CX/EX). Furthermore, artificial intelligence (AI) will be used in some cases.

  • How can our team understand robotics?

Each robotics project is supported by workshops, trainings and keynotes. In addition, we offer support.

  • How can we address employees’ fears?

Before the official robot deployment, employees are the very first to be introduced to the robots with live demos, workshops, presentations and Q&A sessions. This allows them to gain first-hand experience, ask questions and exchange experiences with their colleagues.  By giving employees the space to experience, they are met where their needs are. Forming their own opinions is an important aspect of this.

Our FAQ’s are updated on an ongoing basis. Please contact us for further questions.

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Currently, all media articles are released in German.

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