Exponential Technologies With Big Impact

Exponential Technologies With Big Impact

  • Client Event @ Kaufleuten Zurich/Switzerland
  • Client: Swiss IT Company
  • Exponential Technologies: Robots, AR, AI, Drones
  • Arabesque: Consulting, Concept, Story, Exponential Technologies

250 customers of an IT consulting company were invited to the Zurich Kaufleuten. The guests experienced and interacted up close with exponential technologies such as Robots, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Drones.

The exponential technologies were the central theme throughout the evening and had a great impact on the invited guests. The technologies included music composed by artificial intelligence (AI), an augmented reality (AR) experience, a quiz played on an interactive multi-touch screen and various robots and drones. The guests had the opportunity to interact, take selfies, let drones fly, speak to robots and talk with the experts.

The well-known trend researcher Nils Müller inspired the guests with his interactive keynote about the future megatrends. The event was presented by the charming moderator Kathrin Hönegger (Einstein/Swiss TV).

Arabesque was in charge of the concept and the realization.

Summary Customer:
It was a very successful event. Many thanks for this. The exponential technologies were the highlight and the right move towards the future together with our customers and guests.