Rent Robots for Events

Future Shows for Events

Rent Robots

Rent robots for events. Robots like Pepper, Cruzr, Bartender, Butler, Lio, Concierge, Einstein, Sophia, Double, Anymal, Nao, Massimo, Barista, X-Large, Guido and many more.

Robots inspire guests and are also versatile at events. For talks, interviews, as a speaker, bartender, masseur, waiter, entertainer, for training and for your lead generation in marketing.

With interaction design – interaction between humans and robots. With over 100 successful projects worldwide, we know the tricks of how to wow guests. For example, how a robot serves drinks, converses with your guests, gives talks about AI and robotics.

Your Benefit
For you, this means innovation & experience. With robots you offer your guests a hand for a step into the future and more understanding of digitalization and exponential technologies.

Our contribution to your success
Robots, consulting, concept, script, programming, on-site support.

Success Cases Robots

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Customer testimonial with Sabina Flütsch and Christoph Bleiker, CEO Digitalparking.

The following questions about the use of the robot Pepper at events are answered:
– Why did you use the Pepper robot at your event?
– How did you like it?
– What did your guests get out of it?
– If you were to use Pepper again, what would you do again? What did you like most about this robot?

Customer Testimonial with Dr. Andreas Trinkl, Sobi – Swedish Orphan Biovitrum GmbH

The following questions will be answered:
– What does the topic of robotics mean to Sobi?
– Can you imagine having a robot like Pepper at your reception?
– What is the most exciting thing about using Pepper for you personally?

Future Shows

Future shows for events. Entertainment on the subject of the future.

 Treat yourself to this journey into the future. An artistic exploration of AI, robots and human connectivity. A play of technology, innovation and award-winning artists.

Choose from three Future Shows:

  • AI Show
  • Robot Show
  • The Human Connection Show

Your benefit
Entertainment, emotion, exclusivity. A human exploration on the topic of AI, robotics and networking. Live, virtual or hybrid.

Our contribution to your success
Consulting, concept, direction, script, choreography, artists, technology, on-site support.

AI Show

An artistic approach to human versus artificial intelligence, or AI meets art.

Communicating and confronting AI in an expressive and energetic way through movement, passion, fear, love and dialogue. This show brings AI to life!

The AI show is represented by 3 age groups: Children, Adults and the Elderly. Their approach is to show what they care about when it comes to AI. The adults are soloists (classical dancers).

Supported by technology consisting of 3D mappings, short videos of children talking about their future, and other AI-programmed content (on screens).

The music is inspired by Watson AI (IBM).

The premiere was presented at the awards ceremony by think tank GDI. Video of the full event, showing short clips from the AI Show.

Duration Video: 4 minutes

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Robot Show

Witness a single day of a young family with robots.

This is the Gusto family with their 6 robots. How do the robots interact with humans on a daily basis and vice versa?

Première of the Robot Show at the opening ceremony of the largest European robotics show in Dornbirn/Austria.

1.5 Min Video

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The Human Connection Show

How will we connect in the future?

An innovative exploration of the 4 attributes that every human being will need in the future, in the age of machines: Emotional Intelligence, Creativity, Communication and Connection, performed by 6 dancers and renowned artist Jason Bruegger.

Humans do not find their place. They are looking for connection, for exchange. A kind of desperation, an inner struggle can be felt. An impulse from outside allows a new perspective and leads to new order.

“Tiziana Cocca knows how to create an exciting dramaturgy and skilfully stage the theme of human beings, the future and interconnectedness with high energy and expressive artists.”

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