Robot inspires senior citizens

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Pepper at the Seniorenzentrum Falkenhof

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1 – Video Input from TeleM1
2 – Video Testimonial Sari Wettstein, Centre Manager Falkenhof

Robot inspires senior citizens

  • 3 months Robo-Trial with the social robot Pepper
  • Client: Seniorenzentrum Falkenhof
  • Places of deployment: seniors (residents), demented people, reception
  • Arabesque: consulting robotics, interaction design, programming, implementation, support, video with centre management, keynote

During a 12-week Robo-Trial, the Seniorenzentrum Falkenhof in Aarburg uses the social robot Pepper in three areas of its day-to-day operations. Pepper takes on different roles in the retirement home and is in contact with several stakeholders in order to create a unique customer experience.

Pepper holds the role of an employee and is on duty for the residents and supports the staff.


It is interesting to see how open and future-oriented our seniors are towards robotics. They have little reservations to new experiences.


As a social robot, Pepper can be used for various activities and therefore, in addition to supporting the care staff, brings a lot of variety into the daily lives of the seniors: reading fairy tales aloud, playing concentration and memory games, demonstrating (age-appropriate) fitness exercises, playing music, guessing ages, taking photos.

Pepper not only inspires the residents, the nursing staff also enjoys the daily support in resident care.

The Robo-Trial at the Seniorenzentrum Falkenhof will run until the end of October 2021, and Pepper is sure to bring a smile or two to the faces of the residents and staff until then.

Conclusion client:

We have experienced very touching moments, especially with very advanced demented people. That is priceless and I wouldn’t want to miss that. I would do it again. It was a great experience.

Link to Seniorenzentrum Falkenhof

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