Virtual Reality is hot in event marketing 2016

VR or virtual reality is now available. VR is where experiential event marketing and digital technology brings new exiting experiences alive! VR is a game changer.

All of a sudden, the movie “Matrix” feels much closer than ever before. Now, we can simply put a VR headset on, see new things with our own eyes and dig into a virtual world.

Source: screenshot from video Full VR Audi Q7 presentation

How is VR used? We use VR for one reason, staging brand new experiences, for example product launches, communication of a (new) sponsoring, sales promotions or brand loyalty.

Source: screenshot from video Full VR Audi Q7 presentation

For now, only a few companies have worked with this medium to attract their target group, and a lot is yet to be experienced. Coca-Cola, Audi, Mariott Hotel and Red Bull are a few of those companies. Click on the link to view an example video:

Video VR product placement by Coca-Cola (2 min 30)

Early adopters that like to offer their target group an exiting surplus are kicking off now. What are your current goals in communication?

Virtual reality is the future. Get in touch with us here. We consult and produce.

We’ll post more on virtual reality at a later date.Let us know, what you like to read from us.