What to do with a stolen idea?!

Somebody else had an idea and you like it a lot yourself. Why not steal it?
Ideas itself are not worth much!

Why? Most people have ideas, good ones and bad ones. The most important part is not the idea, but…

…what you make out of it!    

Let’s take the idea. Here’s are two possibilities of what you can do with a stolen idea:

1) Take the idea and develop it into a concept, an event, a communication strategy, a video…

2) Develop the idea into a couple of other ideas until you have found yours! Adapt it until it is exactly the idea you need for your work!

Example 1 of a stolen idea and what had been done with it: Remake of the movie Ocean’s Eleven.

Source: Warner Bros.

The movie Ocean’s Eleven starring George Clooney, Brad Pitt und Matt Damon, among others, was a huge success at the box office when it was released in 2001. While the original 1960 Ocean’s Eleven version featured some high-profile actors of the time, starring Rat Pack members Frank Sinatra, Peter Lawford, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr., it has largely been dismissed as being disappointing at best and boring at worst.

Example 2 of Arabesque event staging for a shoe company a couple of years ago. First, I took this picture out of an international magazine as an inspiration

Quelle: Vogue Italia

and then, I staged it as follows:

 Quelle: usgang.ch


sometimes we search for a new sparkling idea for hours or even days. It is very well possible though that this idea already exists and we can simply develop it into an idea that meets our unique goals.

Like to hear more on that subject? Here’s an interesting TEDx Talk from Austin Kleon: Steal like an artist.