Robots, the virus fighters

Robot CRUZR – Early detection of body temperature
CRUZR monitors and protects customers/employees/visitors all day long. CRUZR sends an alert when a person with an elevated body temperature is detected. The robot also detects people who are not wearing a face mask in busy indoor areas. When someone is identified, CRUZR uses voice messages to remind the person to wear the mask and sends a real-time notification to the responsible personnel.

Robot PEPPER – Demonstrating and recalling hygiene measures
PEPPER shows hygiene measures in a friendly and interactive way. This is expressed with a dialogue and visuals – the right way to wash hands, sneeze, keep your distance and wear a mask. The robot uses charming language for small talk, like “How are you? Good morning, good to see you, you look great today” and compliments like “You’re doing a great job”. This promotes positive communication and a the joy of sticking to the guidelines.

To achieve the greatest possible effect, place the robot at the entrance, at the restaurant, at the toilets, in front of the cash desk or in front of the counter.

Since 2015, ARABESQUE has been bringing robots and humans together, in such a way as to create an outstanding customer experience. Happy people & robots. It’s that simple.

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