Successful marketing with robots

”We wanted to change the biopharma scene, try a different approach. After two days of having a very successful conference in Berlin, we can say that we succeeded 100%! ” (customer statement)

What this is all about.

This is about a different approach to marketing. Simply put – it’s about bringing new technology like a robot into context. But it’s not just the new technology, and this is probably the most important fact, but strong communication that allows the vis-à-vis to emotionally engage with the robot.

The new technology in this case was the social robot Pepper.

So Pepper attended the conference in Berlin (GTH – Society for Thrombosis and Haemostasis Research). There he met with doctors, scientists, biologists and chemists. Funny and straightforward, the robot managed to welcome, inform, educate and entertain. It was a carefully selected (programmed) communication of these 4 elements that did the magic.

“I compare it with my child – approach people directly, then people open up. Interestingly, the robot does that better than us!”


“We got a kick out of this! Suddenly we started to have many new ideas.”

”Pepper greatly enriched our exhibition booth.”

Communication For Future

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