3 Ways To Work With Robots

Working with robots can lead to many questions. What, how, where, how much? You might be wondering, how to approach a robot project, either, because you are considering starting a robot project, or you want to realise a robot project with your business in the future. Today, I’d love to highlight the ways of working with robots in regards to time and financial commitment.

There are 3 ways to work with robots. These are:

  • Purchase
  • Lease
  • Rental


If you are interested in working with robots on a permanent basis, then you might either lease the robots for 6-12 months, or purchase the robots. The decision can be compared to leasing or buying a car.

Lease or Purchase decisions usually depend not only on time and financial factors, but also on strategy, positioning, processes and the customer experience.

The rental is especially suitable for short-term assignments with robots for 1-5 days, for example for an event, an event series, a roadshow or a marketing project.

Here’s an example

An insurance company is about to re-launch its main office building according to their strategy 2030 while significantly improving processes and customer experience. The idea is to work with robots (physically). Therefore they want to test the customer journey and the processes with robots,  and gather customer feedback with a couple of leased robots for a first trial phase. Then, during the second phase they will decide on which and how many robots they’ll integrate in the daily process to have the desired outcome and customer experience.

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Author: Sylvia Stocker, Managing Director

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