The ultimate guide for your video production for communication

The elephant is running, he is running pretty fast and there is a lot of dust twirling around. The elephant is small but strong and bold and he’s on a mission, his mission is to catch the …. CUT!

This could be an introduction to a story for a video you are about to produce.


Video is a great part of today’s communication. It is a versatile format for storytelling, to create moods and to capture special moments at events.

Video can contain precious content and plays a good part of the Content Marketing Strategy. Video is one of the core instruments to play with.

3 steps to your video production

Step 1: Concept

-What is it for? ex. product launch, innovation, new strategy, engage audience, jubilee
-Who is it for? ex. invited guests, b2b or b2c costumers, buyer persona
-Why? Why are we doing this?
-Core statement in one sentence.
-Sketch: draw a sketch: today > day of completion, how does it look like.
-Storytelling (what’s the story? Short definition)
-Where to use the video content (live, marketing channels)
-How to re-use the video content (as a whole or parts of it)
-Display on smart phone, desktop, rectangular screen or a 360 degree screen.
-Define: 2D video, 3D video/projection mapping, virtual reality video

Step 2: Story

The story for your video will be based on the rough ideas of the concept. Once the story is written, illustrations or images are made for the storyboard. The storyboard is the key instrument for the video production.

Step 3: Production

The video production follows the storyboard. After a prototype, the video is established, usually in various phases. The video production is dedicated to the creation of compelling visual content.

Now that your video is ready, it can be used for various marketing channels, for your events and as content material to be re-used in full-length or in parts of it. If you keep in mind how you will reuse the video content, it won’t be outdated and it will become a more valuable content at less costs in total.



-video is a versatile format for storytelling, to create moods and to capture special moments at events.
-valuable video content plays a big role in the marketing strategy
-use one core statement for your video.
-3 steps to a compelling video: 1. concept, 2. story, 3. production

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