The many tasks of service robots

Service robots are changing our world! They take over many tasks and support humans in unique ways, from care to logistics. Service robotics is a new, exciting and large area in robotics that is booming, at least since the Corona pandemic.

Most of us think of robots in terms of the large robotic arms used in the automotive industry, these are the traditional industrial robots. The second large and emerging area of robotics is service robots.

Service robots are robots that perform useful tasks for humans or equipment, with the exception of industrial automation applications. 

Source: International Organization for Standardization

Service robots are designed for application areas in the immediate environment of humans so that they can provide services to and for humans. The human-centered approach plays a large and important role in this context.

Areas where service robots are deployed include the following industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Logistics and transportation
  • Cleaning services
  • Construction
  • Agriculture and
  • the many short-term assignments in marketing, at trade fairs and events

Digitalization, new technologies and staff shortages demand a rapid mindset change in companies and the search for new fresh solutions that work. One of the solutions are service robots that optimize processes and perform various tasks. With their assignments they change our world – they support and inspire seniors, transport goods, give us valuable information, disinfect and clean our rooms and entertain us. It is key to make sure that we design the human-machine interaction in a positive way for us humans.

We see great benefits in the use of service robots:

  • Better customer experience
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Save time and effort through process optimization and automation
  • Analysis & Compliance

What our customers say – 2 Case Studies

Read and listen to what Arabesque customers say here:

Unlike the always similar designed industrial robots, service robots come in a variety of designs and thus perform a broad range of tasks. Some examples:

Where to start? How to deploy robots? The Arabesque team has created various ways to ensure a smooth deployment. No matter what point a company is at, whether at the beginning when thinking “What can robots do for my company?” and “Where can we deploy service robots?” to the specific questions like “Which processes can we optimize with the help of service robots?” and “Which robots are suitable for us?

  1. An easy way for companies to get started with robotics is the Robo-Trial. In a pilot phase, robots can be integrated into everyday life and important initial experience can be gained.
  2. In the monthly short webinar, companies learn how to start a robotics project. The individual workshop is suitable for the first discussion of the topic within a company. This and other offers can be found in the Arabesque Academy.
  3. For marketing, events and trade fairs there are a lot of possibilities how to activate, inform and entertain customers with service robots. This can be ideally combined with a keynote.

With our many years of expertise, we are happy to assist you and support you in your robotics project, from A-Z, from strategy to implementation.

Arabesque stands for human-centred robotics, AI and process optimisation. We accompany companies in the use of robots and the optimisation of processes. Arabesque specialises in service robots.

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