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Companies must remain competitive and are required to automate more and more processes in order to save time and costs. But how can automation be designed in a human-centered way? One answer is service robots. They can be used flexibly and are cost-effective on a monthly subscription basis.

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1. What are service robots?

While industrial robots are primarily used in manufacturing, where they are often deployed behind grids for safety reasons, service robots are gentle and designed for direct contact with humans. Here, the human-centered approach plays a large and important role.

Service robots include social robots, logistics robots, cleaning robots, therapy robots, transportation robots and telepresence robots.

The robots are essential to address the labor shortage, especially in the logistics area, but the sleep robot is also popular with our hotel guests

Janine Rüfenacht, The Lab Hotel

2. What are the benefits of service robots?

A major benefit of using service robots is the enhanced customer experience.

3. Where are service robots deployed?

Service robots are deployed across industries, such as retail, healthcare, hospitality, education, manufacturing, MICE (meetings, incentives, events), and workplaces.

We are proud to be the first employee association in the world to welcome a robot as a member. We are ahead of the curve and anticipate the trend in the workplace.

Stefan Studer, CEO Employee Association Switzerland

4. How are service robots deployed?

Service robots take over partial tasks from humans, namely the simple and repetitive ones. Tasks could be:

  • … greeting and informing at the reception.
  • … serving food in the restaurant and bring the empty plates back to the kitchen.
  • … giving information to customers in the store and guide them to the article.
  • … cleaning buildings.
  • … transporting goods from A to B.
  • … registering patients at the doctor’s, guide them to the waiting room, then guide them to the doctor’s and arrange a new appointment.

The possibilities are numerous! It is important to define what is a human-human and what is a human-robotics interaction.

5. RaaS – the Game Changer

RaaS, Robot as a Service, is a subscription-based service model. The monthly subscription is a flexible solution for organizations that are thinking about using robots but do not have the expertise or internal resources to purchase and maintain such robotic solutions.

RaaS is a game changer and creates great competitive advantage! Enquire about RaaS here.

6. How can an organization implement robots?

The implementation of robots is “plug and play”, so to speak. Despite all the advantages, there are a few points to consider when introducing service robots:

  1. Readiness of the organization to optimize processes.
  2. A selection of processes that can be automated and executed by a robot.
  3. The human-robot interaction should be designed in a positive way.
  4. Training of the technology upfront.
  5. Workshop for employees is key and probably the most important step in integration.

It is interesting to see how open and future-oriented our elderly people are with regards to robotics and how little fear of contact they have!

Sari Wettstein, CEO Elderly Home Falkenhof

7. Outlook

Service robots automate in a human-centric way. The corresponding demand is currently increasing in parallel with the lack of qualified personnel. A study by BCG states that sales of service robots worldwide will increase from the current market volume of $17 billion to $90-170 billion in 2030, i.e. a five- to tenfold increase, in the next 7 years. This means that automation with service robots grows exponentially.

Companies must remain competitive and service robots are certainly a way to automate.  With the RaaS monthly subscription model, agile and cost-effective automation planning is at hand.

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