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FutureYou® Experience Boxes

Future Skills for Workforce

Rapid technological advances have an impact on personal, social and professional development. Implications for workforce include different skills and know-how. FutureYou® means gaining new skills and perspectives and becoming familiar with the global megatrends.

Check out some of the available FutureYou® Experience Boxes below.

  • Global Megatrends

    Mega-trends describe social structural changes. They influence all areas of society and have a long-term effect. But what are the relevant blockbuster trends of the next 10 years?

    > Ability to identify the broader phenomena of change

  • Future Skills

    Exponential changes lead to surprises, shocks, contradictions, discontinuities and complexity. How do we deal with that?

    > Ability to reflect, personal agility, self-initiative

  • Meditation

    Meditation for the positive change of mind and reality, fitness for the brain and the shaping of the future.

    > Ability of autonomy and self-management

  • Planet-centric design

    Design Thinking destroys the planet. Planet Centric Design creates solutions for environment and planet, with new tools and a methodology that enables radical collaboration and different thinking.

    > Ability to anchor the topic of sustainability in every decision and to think ecologically in a interconnected way

  • Robots & AI

    Reskilling for Robots. Technology increases opportunities for us humans.

    > Training skills like Digital Competence and Future Mindset

  • Healthstyle

    With the help of innovative services and technologies, we continuously manage the condition of our body today. The topic of health and well-being is the biggest trend of our time.

    > Understand why health will be a key issue in the future and how it affects all areas

  • Food

    Topics are clean eating, special diets, performance enhancement, and foods of the future.

    > Ability of personal agility, reflection and health management

  • AR, VR and mixed reality

    Capture and understand exponential technologies like virtual (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Before you change what you do, you need to change your way of thinking.

    > Ability to deal with uncertainty and train reflection and ambiguity skills

  • Qi Gong

    Qi is the life energy, is universal energy. Qigong comprises a multitude of practices that coordinate body, breath and mind. Coordinating body, breath and mind is an important skill in the future.

    > autonomous learning competence

  • Quantum Computing / Quantum Creativity

    Quantum physics, from quantum computing (bits > qubits) to quantum creativity (two levels, the consciousness of reality and the subconscious of the possible)

    > Embrace agility, creativity and the new.

We are with you every step of the way. Ask us anything.

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