Robots, servants of humans

Digitization, pandemic and shortage of personnel demand a rapid rethinking in the health care system and new solutions that work. With the human-centered approach, robots are deployed as so-called servants of humans.

Robots inform, support and entertain people, on the patient/customer side as well as on the employee side. Today, machines take over versatile tasks in the health care system and bring a high benefit, especially in the following areas:

  • Better customer experience
  • Improved employee satisfaction
  • Save time and effort
  • Analysis & Compliance
  1. Better customer experience – Your patients/customers benefit from the services of the robots. This includes registration, escort to different rooms, catering, friendly reminders of medication intake and discharge. Along the entire customer journey, patients/customers benefit from interactively designed conversations and a top service that lasts. And you make your company a popular place.
  2. Increased employee satisfaction  – To support staff, robots can perform tasks that are not patient-related, such as transporting laundry and goods of all kinds, assembling materials, dispensing laboratory samples, picking up items from the central supply or removing soiled laundry bags. This allows employees to spend time on work that pays better and that they like better.
  3. Save time and effort – For your digitization this means optimizing and automating processes with robots. Discover in/efficiencies and gain insights, making the path to digital transformation fast and cost-effective.
  4. Analysis & Compliance – Robots and artificial intelligence improve compliance by following exactly the process that meets your standards. You have analysis done and documentation always at your fingertips.

Arabesque stands for human-centered robotics, AI and process optimization.

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