Robots & AI in the Workplace

Exponential technologies require a new way of thinking

We are facing some of the greatest transitions that a generation ever experienced. Technological disruption affects every part of our lives; people, society, businesses. These changes show no signs of slowing down; in fact, they are accelerating rapidly. Exponential technologies include Robots and AI.

It is important that we ensure that these technologies are used in a positive way to solve our greatest challenges. We need people
– who accept change
– who see change as an opportunity to grow and make a difference
– who feel the desire to have a positive influence on a large scale in order to shape the future and not just react to it

Robots are being designed in industry, now also for applications in the immediate vicinity of humans, so that they can provide services to and for humans. Examples are hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, delivery services, aviation (drone helicopters).

Typical fields of application of Artificial Intelligence:
– Perform tasks automatically or assisted
– Learning new things
– Process large amounts of data quickly

Robots and AI are part of the digital transformation and are used together for repetitive work and process optimization. Examples of such processes can be found in almost all departments of companies such as finance, logistics, marketing, sales, HR and others.

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The interaction of robots & AI in the workplace requires a new way of thinking. Since 2020 InnoHub offers courses for managers and seminars for companies on this topic. Speaker: Sylvia Stocker.

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