Man & Machine

Man & Machine

  • Prize for the collaboration between man and machine
  • The Gottlieb Duttweiler Prize 2019 goes to AI Watson (IBM)
  • 5 social robots interact as guests at the award ceremony
  • AI show
  • Client: Think Tank GDI (Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute), Rüschlikon near Zurich
  • Arabesque: robots, concept, interaction design, programming robot. For AI Show: concept, choreography

In the presence of top international representatives from business, research and politics, the 13th Gottlieb Duttweiler Prize was awarded to AI Watson (AI = artificial intelligence) in a festive ceremony. The award was accepted by John E. Kelly lll, Executive Vice President at IBM.

“For the first time, the prize was not awarded to a human intelligence, but to an artificial one,” said David Bosshart, CEO of the GDI in his welcoming address. Previous award winners are Václav Havel, Joschka Fischer, Kofi A. Annan.

Arabesque designed and programmed the communication and interaction of 5 social robots, which took on the role of guests. An encounter between man and machine that inspired. The robots rolled down the red carpet, did small talk at the cloakroom, talked about the award ceremony, AI and robotics and integrated themselves charmingly into the award ceremony. Clapping and sneezing included.

An artistic exploration of AI was presented by two contemporary dancers in the form of a fascinating pas de deux. The music, inspired by AI Watson (IBM), was composed explicitly for this evening.

Client’s Summary
“Thank you very much! The pas de deux was fantastic, we received many compliments. The social robots Pepper had interesting interactions with our guests. The guests loved it.

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