Dior Events

Dior Events

  • Dior Homme Sport, Rouge Dior, Dior Pure Poison, Dior Addict, Zurich & Geneva
  • Event direction, concept, choreography and staging for 200 guests each
  • Client: Christian Dior Parfums Switzerland

A sniff of Dior Pure Poison soothes the distress of a woman who is being chased through her apartment by a beast!

The creative suspense begins, for example, when booking attractive, elegant male models (Dior Homme Sport) and continues through to a performance in which dancers translate a Dior television commercial into art.

Christian Dior Parfums has worked with ARABESQUE to organize events in the French- and German-speaking areas of Switzerland since 2002. All cosmetic or perfume launches are consistently geared to the detailed marketing strategy for the product in question. ARABESQUE develops and produces the appropriate live performance and choreographs and directs the show.

It makes for great cinema, and is totally in keeping with the Dior Company, whose image betrays a penchant for Hollywood divas.