How to unleash your creative potential – a different approach

This is not a manual; this is an approach to looking at creativity in a new way.


A lot of us are creative on a daily basis; writing a concept, developing new software, designing an event or gathering ideas for a start up company.

Most of you know of common creativity methods to enhance creative output. Those methods are easily found online. What if you were looking at a different approach to creativity? We humans are unique and have a unique creative potential. The question is, whether you are digging into your unique creative potential. One way of doing that is by using the ways’ of quantum physics.

The well-known physicist Amit Goswami, Ph.D. offers up his unique way to nurture and enhance creativity.

Let’s start with two basic facts on quantum physics

1) In quantum physics, objects are not determined things, objects are possibilities.
2) According to quantum physics, reality occurs on two levels, possibility and actuality.

Goswami uses the same two levels, the conscious mind of actuality and the unconscious mind of possibility.

Combining the art of creativity with the objectivity of science, Quantum Creativity, as Goswani calls it, uses empirical data to support this new method of thinking and outlines how to harness our innate abilities in order to be more creative. In short, Goswami teaches how to think quantum to be creative. More on Quantum Creativity here.



What you know best in finding your own creative outputs, is best to ignore! Instead, you might want to explore new methods and enhance your own flexibility and innovation spur – think agile and adapt.

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