How to experiment with augmented intelligence

This experiment is a trigger for creativity and a change of perspective.

Augmented intelligence combines the power of machine learning with human curation and intuition producing a greater outcome. Think of the world of top chefs, delicious food and fantastic recipes. Who would dare to challenge this world? The recipe-generating App by Chef Watson.

This app encourages experimentation.

Chef Watson makes suggestions that no one would ever make, such as adding milk chocolate to a linguine alla vongole or mayonnaise to a Bloody Mary! But you well decide for yourself what ingredients you want to add to create your own delicious food while having many suggestions from the app.

This food will challenge your senses and give you a new perspective on culinary delights. The experiment is simple and can be made by all of us. Start here to experiment and create.


Chef Watson is a metaphor. Augmented Intelligence can be used by people working in many different industries, making new discoveries, for example medication in medicine. Technology and data is used to promote creativity and discovery.

Offer your customers the creative challenge.

At your next corporate event, serve a meal suggested by artificial intelligence, curated by your clients, or, present your next social media campaign as a #CreativityChallenge. Artificial intelligence is a trigger for our creativity and challenges us to go further and become bigger. With our own expanded view, we can create work that matters.

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“We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims”  by R. Buckminster Fuller