How to experience artificial intelligence at events

Artificial Intelligence (ai)

Artificial intelligence (ai) is entering the world of events since 2017. We mostly are familiar with some applications that we use as hosts, like face recognition, automated check-ins etc. This article though is purely on how to have your guests experience ai first hand at your event. Here’s what gives them a buzz!

1 Concierge App
Concierge apps like Event Bot und Grip serve as an event specific personal assistant to your guests, helping them find and connect with the right people and resources. This allows them to find their perfect match, for example.

2 AI Talk
Have your guests talk to ai like Alexa Echo Dot or Google Home and get first hand experience with it. Whether Alexa is just the plain device or in disguise as a mascot (see below) as we often do, this will be a memorable experience.

Success Story: Here’s what people looked like at the Trend Days Event 2017, where a couple of hundred attendees experienced ai. This particular ai device was disguised as a mascot, with funny eyes, cool headphones and sporty shoes; the guests loved it that much, it became the talk of the event!


3 AI Music Quiz

Your guests listen to music composed by artificial intelligence! This could be a few songs or music arrangements for the whole event. Have your guests experience the difference of a human composer versus an ai composition, and make a quiz out of that. If you like a more intense version of the ai music experience, have your guests compose their own ai song!

Here’s what music composed by ai sounds like:

Song Daddy’s Car, and another example: Song & Music Video Break Free


4 AI Speaker

Have an ai expert speak at your event. AI is probably the topic of the present and the future that scares most people! This interactive keynote will give your guests the specific information they need. The speaker will have the guests discover the latest in ai, the pros and cons, a couple of successful use cases, and give examples on where we are heading next.

5 In Conclusion

AI will blow your guests mind! This experience is about inspiration and the future. AI is continuing to grow and the interest is rising rapidly. This ai event package will give your guests the buzz. Why? It nurtures curiosity, emotion and technical fancy.

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