How personal robots bring crisp solutions to your business

Welcome to the world of Dino, Mario, Conny and Alexa, the celebrated stars of CES in Los Angeles in January 2017. These personal robots were built and programmed by companies like IBM, Amazon, Softbank etc.

“In a science fiction future, we’ll arrive at a hotel in our driverless taxi, check in at the reception desk staffed by androids then follow the robot porter as it carries our bags to our room. Except, of course, this is already science fact”, says Barry Neild from CNN. Robots are already working in some hotels worldwide, here are a few examples:

Dino works at the Henn-na hotel in Japan, a hotel staffed entirely by machines

Mario works at the Marriott hotel in Ghent, Belgium, which staffs this diminutive humanoid robot since 2015. He welcomes guests in 19 languages and guards the buffet.

Conny works at the Hilton hotel, she’s taken up a concierge position.

And Alexa works at my home as my personal assistant, letting me know of today’s news and weather, she times my bbq cooking sessions, plays me the latest weekly music from Spotify and much more.

Hospitality management involves showing respect for the guests, taking care of their needs, and treating them well and equally.

It may be strange to deal with a robot receptionist at first, but personal robots are slowly learning to fulfill these human tasks, such as showing respect or meeting needs.


Personal robots (PR) such as Dino, Mario, Conny and Alexa are, in contrast to industrial robots, intended to communicate with persons and other PR in networks. They function largely independent, autonomous and self-sufficient and are capable of learning. They react with their sensors to external influences such as touch, sound and optical changes. PR store data and information. These acquired experiences influence them and so the PRs realize their further actions with these findings.

Who works for you?

Use the skills of Dino, Mario, Conny and Alexa for your business. Here are a couple of example areas:

  • receptionist who speaks 19 languages and welcomes and registers the visitors (at the reception of your company or at your corporate event)
  • information desk robot who, at your visitors choice, reflects your company history, the vision of your company or, the updates on the stock exchange.
  • a porter that brings the laptop bags of your customers and suppliers to the meeting room and serves drinks
  • your personal meeting room robot that provides you with the latest updates for the meeting and analyzes data during the session.
  • your personal innovation robot that delivers analyzes of ideas from the innovation team, for example, whether and where a product idea already exists in the world. Such instant analyzes and evaluations enable us to quickly transform ideas or tasks into an innovative result. Read the blog post about “How to experiment with advanced intelligence”: here.


Robots in your business
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