Digital Day with Robot Pepper

“All beginnings are difficult”, as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe already knew, and this sentence has not lost its meaning in the last hundred years.

Where do we start with the use of robotics and artificial intelligence (AI)? with innovation? with the use of digital tools?

At Arabesque, we can’t help with all these questions, but how to deploy robots in organizations, we know! That is our core business.

A first step into deploying robots can be that a company uses a robot in the context of an event, a digital day or a strategy day and thus gives employees the opportunity to gain their first experience with a robot.

The question of HOW was recently posed by a Lab Tech Company and we at Arabesque were asked to realize such a day with Pepper, the social robot.

Pepper was introduced to employees in the following areas:

  • in the production
  • in the canteen
  • in the laboratory and
  • in the training room, where employees also learned about the new digital products.

The focus of this “Day with Pepper” was clearly to encourage interaction between the staff and the robot. The employees had the opportunity to interact with Pepper and learn more about robots in general.

At the same time, they learned about the new company’s digital tools. However, there was of course no shortage of fun – everywhere Pepper appears, he puts a smile on people’s faces.

The goal of a day like this: the employees can have an experience, are able to exchange ideas and reduce inhibitions. At the same time, such a digital day is ideal to inform about future strategies and developments.

As creators for a happy business future, we create encounters that inspire customers and employees. For organizations, this means rapid progress and improved future viability.

Today, robots take on versatile tasks and bring great benefits, especially in the following areas:

  • better customer experience
  • increased employee satisfaction
  • saving time and effort
  • analysis & compliance

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Arabesque stands for human-centred robotics, AI and process optimisation. We accompany companies in the use of robots and the optimisation of processes.

Arabesque specialises in service robots. These are robots that work close to humans. For example, in the hospitality, healthcare and retail sectors.

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