Chasing ghosts in New York – Hyper Reality (VR)

A week ago I chased a couple of ghosts around a house in New York City. From the living room to the outer facade on the 50th floor of a New York skyscraper, back into the house – pure adrenaline! Yes, I have hunted these green nasty ghosts from the movie Ghostbusters.

How that? Virtually and Physically! VR goggles on my head and a hardware in a backpack while walking around the house.


This particular type of Virtual Reality is called Hyper Reality. Hyper Reality feels different because of the virtual experience triggering all the senses and the physical aspect to it.

That is, one can currently only chase ghosts if physically in New York. It opened in July 2016 and is the world’s first Hyper Reality experience called “Ghostbusters: dimension”.

Get a glimpse at the video here:

The most important question about the event, however, is: What to do with it?

As a corporate offering, what can hyper reality or virtual reality do for the customers and what exactly is the take out for the customers?

Virtual Reality offers a whole different medium to tell stories that really connect people. It creates an empathic connection. The Hyper Reality experience made my experience even stronger and to me unforgettable.



-The world’s first hyper reality experience opened in July 2016
in New York. Name: „Ghostbusters: Dimension“

-Main question: As a corporate, what can one offer to it’s customers
to achieve a high customer experience?

-VR is a ‘new’ Medium to tell stories that really connect people.

-The hyper reality experience was an unforgettable experience
to me.

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