Awesome robots for trade shows, events, marketing and film

Scenario 1 – Maximum number of people on site

  • Robots physically replace sales staff on the booth, making the booth accessible to live visitors. Sales personnel remain in the office and communicate via robot.
  • The barista and the bartender are robots
  • A Social robot welcomes and informs guests, and runs an engaging quiz contest (marketing activity with email address)

Scenario 2 – Travel stop! This is how we inspire our guests virtually

  • In the TV studio, the talk guests virtually join via robot (telepresence)
  • The event is accompanied by the virtual moderator – via robot
  • A robot is guiding the trade show visitors who participate virtually. The staff at the booth can warmly welcome the virtual visitors and conduct a professional meeting.
  • Exiting entertainment with robots in a live stream

Scenario 3 – How to digitize & make innovation tangible

  • Introduce and explain a new software product launch via robot ambassador
  • Show the latest product in a roadshow hosted by the human-machine duo ‘robot & moderator’
  • The chatbot (AI) conducts conversations – via the website, the event app or via the social robots Pepper and Cruzr
  • The robot shows the QR code for registration (QR code on tablet)
  • The protagonist in the new product movie is a robot (tv commercial/movie)
  • The robot measures the temperature and checks the mask (safety)
  • The Relax-Robot, placed on the lap, enables the guests to enjoy a truly relaxing break to soft music.

Scenario 4 – How to show a vision of the future?

  • At the jubilee event, the future can be demonstrated by robots that solve real-life problems with process automation
  • Gain admission to the event, trade fair or virtual studio via facial recognition (AI)
  • Food and drinks are created by AI and served by robots
  • Artists and robots dance in The Future Show and spark a sneak peak into the future, music composed by AI!

Arabesque stands for robotics, AI and process optimization. We advice companies in the deployment of robots and the optimization of processes.

We also have years of international experience with robots at events, trade shows, conferences and in use for marketing, film and live streams. We rent robots.

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