5 tips on how to avoid pitfalls using Virtual Reality at events

Virtual Reality (VR) is the new technology sandbox and everyone seems to want to play in it, particularly big brands. Now, there are some rules to consider to offer a really great experience for your event guests. VR is intense. Ask yourself, how do you want your guests to feel like?

Here are 5 valuable tips on how to avoid VR pitfalls:

Source: https://amazon.com (HTC Vive)

VR Pitfall 1: No introduction to the topic of VR
Not all of us have had a VR experience yet. It is advisable to give a brief, exciting introduction to VR. This information could be topics like:
-What is VR – a short info.
-VR – an individual experience. You can move 360 degrees in the room and will discover all corners of the room/landscape/setting. Each member of your audience is likely to come away with a different viewing experience.
-It is a virtual world, not a real one. The glasses can be removed at any time to come back to the real world.
-With VR, you can have experiences that you can’t have otherwise, because you don’t have access to it.

VR Pitfall 2: Not informing viewers on the large range of emotions
Virtual reality is immersive. The range of emotions is large and probably intense. The best uses of VR from Brands transport their audience somewhere in entertaining, remote, inaccessible or perhaps even dangerous territory. An experience that you can’t have normally. In one moment you are the drummer of Coldplay at a concert in Barcelona, the next moment you are on top of the snow-capped peak of the Himalayas. Without anticipating the storytelling, it is important to briefly demonstrate that the upcoming experience can be intense.

Source: https://vrmag.com (Samsung VR Gear)

VR Pitfall 3: Fail to inform “don’t disturb the person next to you”
Don’t disturb your colleague if it is not your turn, and vice versa. If you disturb someone, the experience changes. Think, while you are experiencing VR, you want to feel safe too.

VR Pitfall 4: Fail to connect VR to the overall event
Connect the VR experience with the event and incorporate it into the dramaturgy of the event. Go through steps like:
Position VR in the overall event. Decide if VR is the highlight or just an intensification of what happens at the event.
Decide what happens after the VR experience. Let the story continue and keep your guests involved.
Create an emotional link to the brand. That is why big brands like to play in this technology sandbox.

VR Pitfall 5: No time for exchange
The VR experience will be immersive and the guests will have the need to talk about it. Therefore, plan time after the VR experience to talk about it.

Source: https://dlodlo.com

Summary 5 tips on how to avoid pitfalls using VR at events

1 – Introduction to the topic of VR

2 – Inform viewers on the large range of emotions

3 – Don’t disturb the person next to you

4 – Connect VR to the overall event

5 – Schedule time for exchange

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