3 ways to connect your audience with the future

1. Communication with Robots

2. Corporate Video with New Technologies

3. Chatbot

Communication for Future means that companies are now moving into the future. There are many touchpoints of communication with your customers, e.g. at the reception, in the shop, in the meeting room, at an event or online. An important part of this is played by new technologies.

Today we present you 3 possibilities to communicate with new technologies.

1. Communication with Robots

The communication with a robot like Pepper, Heasy or Cruzr, all of them social robots, is ideal to offer experience, information and entertainment.

Robot applications are well suited for retail, banking, education, hospitality and healthcare.

It is very important to find the right rhythm with the robots. You will achieve the best experience with wit, charm and short, concise texts. Speak with a communication concept with an exciting dramaturgy.

“It is not enough just to put a sweet Pepper in the counter hall to inspire customers. The recipe for success of interactions with customers lies in the sympathetic implementation of a well thought-out communication concept. Pepper approaches customers and builds up the dialogue on an emotional level. This requires communication professionals who understand how to skillfully turn this into a special experience”

Petra RueggExpert for service culture and service design, QPM Marketing Services

2. Corporate Video with New Technologies

Innovatively implement your company video with new technologies and position your company in the market. Here are a few examples:

– 360 degree image film of your company – VR
– Video message from robot Pepper for your newsletter, see video below:
– Hologram video for the product launch.

Source: Arabesque

3. Chatbots

Chatbots can be used on a landing page, a website or directly at the event. Your customers benefit from:

– Information at any time
– Get in touch with your company and take action (e.g. register, submit documents)
– Experience your products and services
– @ Events: Guests can participate directly in discussions
– @ Events: Network with people you choose. The chatbot helps you find the people while making suggestions according to your criteria.
– Live polls and Surveys

Communication For Future

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