3 reasons for bringing people together physically at events

Social media makes it easy to be part of a movie premiere, even a blockbuster! Live Streams allow you to physically stay away from an event, yet still be part of it and exchange online with other attendees.

Digital channels were not made to replace the physical get together, originally they were designed to enhance your experience to connect and exchange. This might have changed to some extent.

Yet, nothing is as powerful as experiencing an event in person.

Source: celebfresh.co.uk

Here are 3 reasons, why to bring people together physically at events:


In person you are able to see, hear, touch, smell and taste and make the real emotional connection to the event. In person you are able to share experiences, swap stories, exchange ideas and make connections with other attendees. In person it is easier to choose with whom you like to connect and share.

At an event, especially a corporate event, there is an opportunity to get introduced to someone, or that you introduce people in your network to each other. This type of expanding your own network can be very valuable.


A crowd listening to a speaker or watching a sponsor presentation will give you immediate feedback. You can watch their reactions. Large groups of 50+ people provide an instantaneous feedback without filter.


Nothing beats the live experience. Imagine you watch a motorbike show, smell the petrol, watch the smoke rise, feel the adrenalin of the drivers and sense the tension and wows of the crowd around you. Such a delightful experience can only be made live.

Source: globeofdeath.eu

Summary: 3 reasons for bringing people together physically at events

  1. IN PERSON (emotional connection to the event,share experiences, swap stories and connect)
  1. CROWD CONNECTION (feel large crowds reaction without filter)
  1. EXPERIENTIAL DELIGHTS (get the live experience as such)

To watch a video of the largest re-branding in Switzerland of the telecommunication company Salt. (formerly Orange), click here. The event was a good live experience, enhanced by a live stream and social media. To read the full documentation, click here: Portfolio Arabesque-Salt.

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